Long time no see.

So I rarely update this thing. Sue me.

Lately I've been real busy; with work and school and play and college shit. Its amazing how precious time has become. I miss some people. Honestly.

Haha everytime I meet someone new, by someone I mean a girl. It turns out they have a boyfriend. And somehow or another it comes out that I am trying to swoop on their girls, and they wanna talk shit and fight. This has happened literally the last 5 or 6 girls i've met. It's bullshit. I need to get away from this bullshit town and high school problems.

School is simple. Work is cracking down. My friends stay true. Terror show was awesome, Epicentre kids are cool, I respect San Diego. Hometown shout out ah.
Well, Im sick right now, and the nightquil is really kicking in. So until someother time I'm really bored. Farewell.
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sha la la la

Never update this thing, because I love myspace too much.

So whats new. . . eh?

School started thats a bust.

+I love the first week of school, but that fades off, then once again it becomes a pain in the ass.
+Quit my job at dairyqueen, just working fulltime at Photo Galleria. Persuing my goal to be a famous film maker. I LOVE YOU CHARLIE CHAPLIN!. ahha idol status.
+Summer was fucking amazing. Hung out with great people, partied everyday and looked good every second.
+Girl status: Eh so much to choose from. Lol, not to be concieted or anything. I just have to make up my mind and all. I like so many of them, well like 3 and I can never make up my mind. Theres two girls in mind right now. And i'm not quite sure how either of them feel. I kissed one of them, briefly and I think she might like me. While the other I have hung out with and felt so much in common, but we are yet to really 'click'.
I guess i just have to see how things progress with each. *crosses fingers*
+I got a new flat iron today and it fucking RULES. sic!
+Getting paid tommorow and wearing my "I hate jesus!" shirt to school. Just waiting to get my ass wooped. HEllz Yay.hahaLyek 0h EmM GEE.

Well until next time. . . heres a big FUCK YOU!

♥ Chris


Tonight was badass.

met lots of new people.

bettered relationships with the old.

life is good all around. i could have one improvment.

but im happy.

MySpace Party

So lastnight I hosted a myspace party at the local starbucks. I didn't expect much, and took it mostly as a joke, but i still did promote it with my friend travis. HAha oh man. at least 80 kids showed up. It was fucking awesome. We even went out and bought name tags and I got to be Tom. the whole night people would be like, 'this party is off the hook tom' or 'oH My GOD! its tom. and shake my hand and shit'. Good times if you ask me. We also had a mass amount of kids run like half a block and do the hitler march all in a single file line. We had a dance competition. Pissed on trees. Sang songs. Made fun of people. Went to the skin store bro. and all the other things us teenagers think of. So yes i did have lots of fun and feel pretty good right now.

Anyway We plan on having the next myspace 'massage' party next month and Travis will be Tom this time.

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Fuck Me.

So tonight was fun. Fucking hectic at starbucks. there were loads of kids and im pissed because i lost 10 dollars. Me and paul (final burden paul) went around asking kids to try to eat 6 saltines in 1 minute or 3 pieces or bread in 2 minutes. What got paul was i bet him 10 dollars he couldnt do a spoon full of cinnamon, and he almost puked it was hillarious. So we went to albertsons and got some crakers and bread and did that thing, and some kid ate a full spoon of cinnamon and i had to pay him 10 bucks, i was pissed.

Later on i met lots of new people and sat with them. Joel and Robert showed up and I played with them for a while. Lastly, lerina showed up with lauren.

It was basically a night of drifting between differnt crowds and people, which i enjoyed and i hope every starbux day is as good as this one. TheEnd.
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